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July 20, 2013

A questionable Saturday morning for a paddle, with overcast skies and a few spits of raindrops. But no one was discouraged by the weather and we had a nice turnout of 15 boats for our paddle to Pound Net Creek and it's smaller twin to the south. As luck would have it, the day turned out to be perfect for paddling - with lots of nice cloud cover and no rain.

We paddled out to the mouth of Salt Spring Run and then north along the coast to Pound Net Creek. The tide was almost dead high when we arrived - almost 4 feet. It's amazing how different everything looks when there is this much water. Although our pace was leisurely, we stopped for a short break in the tidal lake at the source of Pound Net Creek. These creeks flowing out of Werner Boyce Salt Springs State Park often have alternate paths that can be taken, and we took advantage of that by paddling out a different way than we came.

Upon reaching the open Gulf again, we headed south to the mouth of Double Hammock Creek. We were treated by at least half dozen roseate spoonbills perched in the mangroves on the north shore of the island at the entrance to the Westport Channel - and were able to paddle up to within 50 feet of them before a passing motorboat scared them away.

We continued our trip by heading east along the Westport Channel into Double Hammock Creek. The tide was just beginning to turn, so we made a fairly easy trip with the current through the "chute" back to Salt Spring Run. One paddler got turned sideways in the narrow stream. And the high tide made head room a challenge going through the twists and turns in the mangroves
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Paddling through the "chute".
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