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Kayak Launch Trail

See trail guide below ... click on camera icons for photos at that location.

The Kayak Launch Trail provides access to the canoe and kayak launch area. Currently, the area at the end of this trail is the only approved launch site in Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State park open to the public. DO NOT launch your kayak from the area near the parking lot. The distance from the parking lot to the kayak launch is about 2 tenths of a mile. Plans have been approved for an additional parking area, restrooms, and a boardwalk to the launch area - but until construction is complete, you will need to carry your watercraft, or pull it with a hand cart to the launch site.

  1. Trail head at the main parking area. Motor vehicles are not permitted beyond this point.
  2. To the northwest you can see a marshy wetland area that eventually will be crossed by a boardwalk.
  3. Looking to the south you can see a large area covered with needle rush.
  4. Kayak launch area and picnic area.
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